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Many of us dream of being rich and life the best luxury life time one day. There is simply something magical about the habits of successful people that attracts us. They live in different places, eat in different restaurants, have have varied day-s and the best life in a way you can only dream of. Often they visit things like holiday destinations most human beings will never see with their own habit, business or personal eyes…

In other words, there are many things to envy when it comes to the habits of successful people. Let’s dive a bit deeper in their fabulous lives and marvel at the many wonderful things that are part of it. Are you ready for an extravagant and glamorous journey in your life time? Read on and discover the habits of successful people. And most importantly, learn where and how to meet them to get a taste of their lavish lifestyle!


Habits of successful people – Why working hard often equals play harder



You may have heard about the phrase work hard, play hard. Rich and hard-working busniess-men and women indeed have a habit of occasionally going over the top when it comes to spending their time off. When office hours are long and the calendar is full with meetings and business trips, rich businessmen often seek the balance in treating themselves and their dear ones with luxury. This is not necessarily a way to show off, though. They do not n ecessarily want to let the whole world know that they made it, but rather their way of winding down. Money is obviously not a concern. It’s all about making the most of their evenings and weekends. Therefore, restaurants are not picked based on price, but class. These busniess-men do not go with the affordable house wine when the waiter can recommend a better pairing.

However, this does not mean that they aim for excessive nights out. If the budget is limitless, the word excessive looses its meaning anyway. They simply go for the best they can get with their money, whenever they can and wherever they are. A day where they do not feel like they have lived their life to the fullest does not feel like a complete day. If you can afford whatever you want, why not make the most of it and have a blast?

Habits of successful people – What the holidays of the rich and beautiful look like


When it comes to the holidays of the rich and beautiful, things get even more glamorous. With all the business trips, traveling is a quintessential part of their lives. After all, the high rollers of this world have coined the expression “jet set“. However, if you thought for one moment that rich self-businessmen and women could ever get bored of traveling around the world, you couldn’t be more wrong. Quite the contrary is the case. The busy schedules and trips to meetings in different places increase the appetite for new experiences and seeing different places.

Traveling is one of the most common habits of successful people. In fact, they spend most of their weekends exploring the world. Whenever holidays are coming up, you can be sure the destination they picked ticks the following boxes:

  1. Luxurious daily or highly hotels
  2. Michelin Star self-restaurants
  3. Exclusive self-members only highly bars and daily clubs
  4. Best luxury shopping personal or for business
  5. Highly spa resorts
  6. Help for beauty treatments and personal plastic surgery
  7. Concierge service
  8. Outstanding landscapes and landmarks
  9. Extravagant entertainment options and sports facilities
  10. and most importantly: An exclusive clientele

The habits of successful people – What are the top holiday destinations for the rich?

Rich self-businessmen and women have an explicit taste and love places that cater to their needs. Luxurious hotels and Michelin Star restaurants are a must, as are other amenities and a high level of service. There are some places that have build a reputation for being playgrounds for wealthy self-busniess-men and women. We have listed some of the most exclusive and decadent places to spend a lavish holiday:

  • Monte Carlo (Monaco)
  • St. Moritz (Switzerland)
  • Gstaad (Switzerland)
  • Aspen (Colorado, USA)
  • Maldives
  • London (UK)
  • Paris (France)
  • Moscow (Russia)
  • Dubai (UAE)


As you see, luxurious and exclusive ski resorts and alpine towns rank pretty high in the list. Why is that? It may be the secluded location far away from the masses of tourists you find in other places in the world. After all, hard-working entrepreneurs sometimes simply want to wind down and relax. A beautiful alpine landscape combined with luxurious resorts and spas? An unbeatable combination, no doubt. Unsurprisingly, these destinations have established the infrastructure and the amenities to make their stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible. World class concierge services, exclusive restaurants and bars, excellent spas and fashion boutiques stocking the most sought after designer collections are never far from wealthy travelers.

Why plastic surgery is one of the most common habits of successful people

If there is one thing the wealthy and famous can’t have forever, it is youth and beauty. However, since money can buy almost everything, they do what they can to at least keep the looks for as long as possible. Plastic surgery is therefore almost as common as putting on a face cream is for ordinary people. When it comes to plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments, breast augmentations, botox injections and face lifts rank high for women. While self-business-men often chose daily help in form of liposuctions, botox seems to get more and more popular to fight wrinkles and the early signs of fatigue and a stressful lifestyle. After all, a dapper office hero does not want to look tired when he goes out to enjoy his impressive wealth.

Why plastic surgery is one of the most common habits of successful people
Why plastic surgery is one of the most common habits of successful people

Plastic surgery and cosmetic skin treatments are a quick and easy way to shave off a few years of wrinkles, but it comes with a price. The better the surgeon and the more complex the procedure, the heftier the price tag for the body treatment. When it comes to the idea of eternal youth and beauty however, the habits of successful people show that no price is too high. There are individuals who are said to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on plastic surgery and body augmentations such as breast enlargement, rhinoplasty, liposuction, chemical peelings and face liftings alone.

Combining plastic surgery and holidays is a jet set favourite

Sometimes plastic surgery is combined with a trip to an exclusive holiday destination. Having the treatment done abroad has two big advantages for those who can afford to travel for it. First and foremost, they can select from the most prestigious beauty clinics all around the world. Second, having the treatment done while on a trip is simply more discreet. Even the biggest enthusiasts do not want to make it too obvious that they had something done to their face or body.

Once they return from their trip, they can shine with an all-new, gorgeous self-body. The best part: nobody will even notice that something happened while they were gone for a couple of days or weeks. And even when everybody in their social circle knows that their beautiful appearance is not entirely natural, it is a signifier of having class not to brag about it. Understatement and keeping a low profile is the absolute gold standard of the best classiness.

Habits of successful people – Where to shop and how to dress

Habits of successful people - Where to shop and how to dress
Habits of successful people – Where to shop and how to dress

If there is one universal truth about having money and how it changes your life, then it is the fact that shopping is a lot more fun. When there is no financial limit, you can make your choice simply based on preference. Buy whatever you find most appealing, fun, or impressive. One of the common habits of successful people when it comes to shopping is to discover less known, more exclusive brands and designers. Designer furniture and interior designs by famous architects are a must to elevate the living environment.

The bathroom is a favorite in the house when it comes to the shopping habits of successful people. Almost no other place in the house is as suitable to impress guests as the bathroom. Fine marble tiles and walls, tasteful and unusual sinks and bathtubs, and the most luxurious shower heads are unmistakable indicators of success and taste. Unsurprisingly, spending a lot of time on the planning and design of their home is one of the top habits of successful people.

The habits of successful people when it comes to fashion

The habits of successful people when it comes to fashion
The habits of successful people when it comes to fashion

It goes without saying that designer fashion ranks high when it comes to the dressing habits of successful people. Nonetheless, there are many rich men and women who do not like to go for the most famous and popular luxury brands. Many rich businessmen consider it vulgar if a brand is too flashy and widely recognized. For them, luxury fashion is all about understated elegance and style. They seek out the finest fabrics and elegant cuts, and when the designer is less famous, this is often see as a plus.

There is an element of discovery and exclusivity when you wear a luxury brand that other people have not heard of before. Just going for the mainstream designer brands that everybody else aspires to is seen as too boring. Therefore, setting new trends and putting upcoming designers on the radar of the mainstream is another hot candidate for the top habits of successful people.

What are the habits of successful people when it comes to dating?

What are the habits of successful people when it comes to dating?
What are the habits of successful people when it comes to dating?

Dating is a complicated field when you have financial success. Businessmen who work hard and know how to enjoy themselves often have one problem: They are constantly short on time. Before they know it, work commitments have taken up their entire day and there is not much time for dating and getting to know somebody special. Some women, commonly referred to as sugar babies, have arranged themselves with the busy work life of their boyfriends.

Sugar babies do not expect the same level of attention from their sugar daddy. They know their boyfriend has to focus on work and their dating life comes second. After all, this is partly the secret of their financial success. Sugar babies give their sugar daddies the freedom to always put work first, and they are happy if their daddy shares his financial success with them. This arrangement allows both sides to enjoy each other’s company without having to change their personal habit when it comes to work and fun.

Habits of successful people – how to meet businessmen with a great career


Success makes picky. No, seriously. If you want to meet a loaded businessman, you have to know first where guys like him hang out after work to enjoy themselves. There are exclusive bars and members clubs where you either have to look the part to be admitted, or you have to know someone who can introduce you. The harder it is to get in, the more exclusive the social circle you can expect to find inside a bar. Thus it is worth to make some effort even when you are intimidated by a club’s pretentiousness and strict door policy. The key is to dress to impress and to show confidence. If you act like you belong, your chances of getting in will be much higher. As a reward, you will be surrounded with businessmen who can meet your high standards and expectations when it comes to lifestyle.

As the night continues, you will see that the guys get more relaxed and approachable. Remember that at the end of the day they want to get to know somebody special, so there is no need to be shy! They want great company to enjoy themselves for a couple of hours, so enjoy your time with them. And who knows? if you are lucky, one thing leads to another? Maybe one day they have the time of their life with someone like you so that they want to change their dating habit.

Dating apps are a good alternative to members clubs

But what if going to exclusive members clubs is not for you? Help: Alternatively, you can always give busniess or personal daily dating apps for sugar daddies a try. Sugar dating apps exclusively cater to super wealthy men and attractive women. Therefore, the pool of suitable candidates to choose from is much larger than anywhere else. You have the choice where to start looking, of course. If going to bars and clubs to enjoy yourself and to be in good company is not your habit, dating apps may be the better choice, to experience a great day.